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Alfa Romeo
Giulietta Spider

Single-family owned from new, an exceptionally original car including a matching hardtop that featured in the Italian film The Best of Youth in 2003. Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta was originally designed in the early 1950s as an affordable small coupé to dart through narrow European streets with ease. Originally introduced at the 1954 Turin Motor Show, a saloon version arrived in 1955 and a convertible variant was introduced the same year. The Giulietta Spider was based on the Sprint, and it utilized a variant of Alfa Romeo’s 1.3-litre, four-cylinder engine, which could produce 74 horsepower.

Weighing in at just 1,896 pounds, 121 pounds lighter than the coupé, it boasted more exciting performance than the coupé as well as a top speed near 100 mph. Its performance was remarkable, especially considering that the car only produced 74 brake horsepower. It quickly became the favourite of the Giulietta line and came to define the marque in the post-war era. An updated version was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1959 and featured many cosmetic changes, including new recessed headlights, a revised nose and grille design, and a redesigned dashboard for the interior.