1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 2017-06-11T23:58:22+00:00

Project Description


Alfa Romeo
Giulia Sprint GTA

Perhaps the most original unrestored 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA Stradale in existence. Homologation number still visible on the boot gutter, an all alloy panel car.

Magnesium sump, correct carbs; an original panel car, original engine, the list goes on: interior, etc, is all textbook reference standard. Some original paint is still in the engine bay, the outside has been repainted once to a high standard circa 2000. Brakes are still Dunlop, upright on front suspension are correct GTA. Magnesium wheels are in excellent condition and correct width and type. Fittings all original from grill surround fixings to spare wheel clamp and tool kit.

Very original car although repainted it has been meticulously kept in original condition retaining so many original parts. Not used in competition, no signs of competition equipment being fitted and unrepeatable in condition.