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Project Description


Porsche 911 2.4S

Ch no. 9112300759 Eng no. 6321163
Belts dated 1969. Retro old stick fitment.
Albert blue. Repainted in 1984. Polished recently (can almost see primer in places on bonnet where paint is thin). Even (Around 200 microns all over).
Original S Steel spoiler/bumper. Original seats in almost perfect condition. No accident damage, all panels appear factory, welds, gaps, etc., all perfect, arches have factory underseal on lips edge. Spare even has original tyre. Wheels good unrestored little bit shiny on black sections. New Michelin tyres.
Headlamps original Bosch quad optic. Badges on boot lid fading from original bleach anodizing. Front Grills corroded slightly but original. Door wedges above door frames present. Original salt and pepper Carpet including load areas. Some tools in set, original bistein jack. No oil tensioners on engine (upgrade around mid 80’s). New exhaust system.
Limited history, service book wagen pass Porsche authenticity, recent service receipts
Summary: Really clean extremely original example, specs. all present and correct, repainted once to good standard.