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Project Description


Zaha Hadid

From lines depicting motion in space, to signature Hadidian organic curvature, all are present in the concept car models of Zaha Hadid. A long-term project begun in 2005 which also incorporated the design of a boat. The Z.Car I employed a hydraulic suspension system that went from an upright, compact position for city driving to a more aerodynamic road going stance for the highway. The hinging motor of the three-wheeled vehicle afforded a longer wheelbase and lower centre of gravity at high speed (for better mileage performance), while transforming to short wheelbase facilitated smaller parking requirements while creating less congestion on the roads. Like everything she breathed on, Zaha changed constraints; in this instance, of ‘microcars’, for the sweeping asymmetric style lines, panoramic front views, and compressed windscreen wiper ‘blade’, were ground-breaking.